The M’Hencha Company – Moreish Moroccan Cake

I stumbled across Sophie Browne’s M’Hencha at The Cotswold Chocolate Company in Broadway, an exotic creature curled up on the counter next to the gift-wrapped novelty balls and Italian nougat.

“What is it?” I asked the shopkeeper. 

“It’s a traditional Moroccan cake but made here in the Cotswolds,” she said proudly. “It tastes amazing, won an award recently.”

M’hencha (M’hanncha) is a tear and share filo pastry filled with almond, pistachio and rose water. The name is Arabic for ‘coiled like a snake’ so it’s also called 'snake pie' or 'serpent cake'. When things feel drab, nothing lifts the spirits like fresh mint tea, Turkish Delight and pistachio pastries scattered with rose petals. This is my regular afternoon treat at Liban, the new Lebanese restaurant at the Kino Teatr, St Leonards. Intrigued to see if the M’Hencha lives up to its award-winning status, I bought one to take home.

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Ella Guru's Nightlife Paintings

Ella Guru has led a vibrant life... the mother of one is a 'Stuckist' artist and portrait painter, a teacher and has worked as a go-go dancer, a guitarist, and with the homeless, moving from Ohio to squat in London in the 80's, all of which infuses her magic realist style. Her latest work is a 22-card Major Arcana Tarot Deck, which mirrors her journey from city to the seaside. Nicci Talbot met the artist at her home studio for a reading.

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