Wanderings of a well-travelled woman

I’ve been told I’m super-efficient, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. “A brilliant blogger who has her finger on the publishing pulse and is enormously helpful with social media and PR, leaving me free to get on with what I am best at.” In Rosie’s case, making exquisite perfumes. I help people to market stuff: handmade leather accessories, property in Berlin, holidays, courses and books, and I also help to grow and support a niche, developing industry – gift cards.

In my 30s, I focused on sexuality and health and published several juicy books. I founded a successful online magazine called Rude, wrote copy for brands and magazines, and set up St Leonards Salon and Co-working Club. I ran that successfully for 18 months.

I now specialise in copywriting, content marketing, social media & PR. My passion is female empowerment through solo travel. So, I’m working on a new blog focusing on slow travel – getting under the skin of a place through its people, which is what makes travelling worthwhile at the end of the day.

Yes, I want to see the world! And I can do many things to pay my way: 

➔  Copywriter, blogger and content writer
➔  Social media manager and PR (I love doing live events, where I get to travel)
➔  Keen runner and long-distance walker (planning to do the Camino with my 11-year-old daughter if I can persuade her).
➔  Author, proofreader and editor
➔  Lover of travel, walking and cowboy boots

I have been lucky enough to work with some exciting brands and inspiring mentors including Gail Cohen, UKGCVA; Tingy Simoes, Wavelength Communications; Julia Margo, Genesis Research Trust; John Ashton, Write Arm; Sally Wright, Emap (who gave me a scholarship to study magazine journalism); the press team at Saatchi & Saatchi; Jacqui Gibbons, Time Inc; Emily Dubberley and Sarah Hedley, Scarlet Magazine, and the National Union of Journalists – London Freelance Branch and Freelance Industrial Council (I recently won the Equality seat).

Want to come on board?

➔ Go to to read my travel blog
➔ Email and tell me what you need
➔ Follow me on Twitter @niccitalbot

My goal is to inspire people to see more, do more, and stay active and young through travel. From Parkrun to pilgrimage, you don’t have to have a frozen beard - adventure is everywhere! To quote one of my heroes, Laird Hamilton: “Just keep driving the car. Get off your butt and feel better now. Have as much fun as humanly possible – it’s the key to staying young and thinking healthy thoughts.”